Scott Muir on Mission 8

Biography & Routes List

This will be one of the best Hard Sport Mixed and Climbing Route Resources in the World

Second Ice Field Eiger North Face

Through-out my climbing career I have always tried to repeat as many routes as I can of my predecessors in order to grasp the history, ethics and feelings behind what has gone before me, without this basis of experience and journey through time it is impossible to direct and shape the future, making informed decisions and choices. In both Traditional Climbing, Sport Climbing and in Mountaineering, I have accumulated a major wealth of world climbing knowledge and experience. Some of this has been gained through an apprenticeship with some of the world’s best known climbers, Bonington, Saunders, Zak et al.

Scott Muir repeating Octopussy M8 & Haston Cave

Below you will find the complete list of my most significant world ascents to date. If you click on the highlighted route names a new page should open detailing each route with more photo’s and comprehensive information on approaches, tips, tricks and location. This section is an ongoing project and as time permits I will keep adding photo’s, scanned maps and topo’s etc.

However, remember routes, locations and access changes like the wind so don’t blame me if you get booted!

World Mixed List

Every route is a First British Repeat apart from those originally climbed by * Stevie Haston

Only Jedi Mind Tricks Currently works as a link as an example of what’s to come

Jedi Mind Tricks M13 2nd ascent Colorado 4th Redpoint
Game Over M13 2nd ascent Austria 1st Redpoint
Musashi M12 Canada Muliple attempts
Tenison M12- Austria 1st Redpoint
Tsunami M12 Italy 1st Redpoint
Too Fast Too Furious D12, FA Scotland Multiple attempts
Jedi Master W13, M10-, M11, M9+, W14, W14 Italy  
Astner/Hainz M11 Italy 1st Redpoint
*Mission Impossible M11 Italy 2nd Redpoint
*Empire Strikes Back M10+/M11 Italy 2nd Redpoint
A Fist Full of Steel M10+/M11 Italy 2nd Redpoint
Freedom Fighter C10+, FA UK 1st Redpoint
Fly in the Wind M10+ Italy 2nd Redpoint
Tomahawk M10+/M11 Switzerland 1st Repoint
White Out M10+ Switzerland 1st Repoint
Tool Time M10+ Switzerland 1st Redpoint
Happy M10 Austria Flash
Fusion M10, FA Norway 1st Redpoint
*Reptile M10 Colorado Flash
Goldline M10 Colorado Flash
Captain Hook M10 Italy 1st Redpoint
Power Limit M10 Switzerland Flash
Orgasmo M10 Canada Flash
Power Bat M10- Switzerland 1st Redpoint
Clice of Scheiss M10- Switzerland 1st Repoint
Twin Towers M10 Switerland 1st Redpoint
Pink Panther M9+ Switerland 1st Redpoint
Pema M9+ Italy 4th Redpoint
Die Another Day M9+ Italy 1st Redpoint
*009 M9 Italy 1st Redpoint
*Welcome to the Machine M9 Italy 1st Redpoint
Silent Memories M9 Italy Onsight
Misery M9 Colorado Onsight
Fatman and Robin M9 Colorado Flash
Quazy Moto M8+ Colorado Onsight
Mojo M8+ Canada Onsight
Elk Tested M8+ Norway 1st Redpoint
Accelerator M8 Italy 1st Redpoint
Lucky Lisa M8 Norway 1st Redpoint
L'envers du Mirroir M8 Italy 1st Redpoint
Octopussy M8 Colorado Onsight
Dizzy with the Vision M8 Colorado Onsight
*Amphibian M8 Colorado Onsight
Samurai M8, FA Switzerland Flash
Shagadelic M7+ Canada Onsight
Reise in Niemans land M7+ Austria Onsight
Seventh Tenticle M7 Colorado Onsight
Frigid Terminator M6+ Colorado Onsight
*Madness M6 Italy Onsight

Established 15 new Route up to M7 in Cogne, at the Sub Club and Wine Cellar. And many more below M6+

Mountains Ranges and Summits

Chopliqualqui - South America
Lobuje East - Nepal
Baruntse North Face - Nepal
Island Peak - Nepal
Kilimanjaro - Tanzania
Kulu Eiger - India
The Throne (Sin Hasan) - India
Banderpunch - India
Sepu Kangri - Tibet
Thaga Ri - Tibet
Cape Farewell - Greenland
Tatra - Slovakia
Alps - France – Switzerland et al
Annapurna Sanctuary - Nepal