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Extreme Dream – Aviemore Indoor Climbing Wall

Scotland’s Friendliest, Most Diverse Indoor Climbing Wall

On site Bunkhouse – Dave ‘Cubby’ Cuthbertson’s Official Photo Gallery

Kevin Shields

Robert MacKenzieI started the development of my idea to build a climbing wall in October of 2005 in the Aviemore. After some searching I found an ideal location, a great team that consisted of Laura and Steve and managed to raise the necessary Capital to float the project. Starting work in the second week of May 2006 we worked stupid hours, doing all the construction, marketing and business start up ourselves finishing in time to catch the end of the summer holidays on the 05th August 2006. An unbelievable amount of work to have completed in such a short time (3 months) – I still look around and can’t quite believe it!

Using years of personal climbing experience, instructing, guiding and performance coaching, I came up with one of the most diverse, training coaching and teaching walls in Scotland. The environment we created is second to none, it’s open, atmospheric, friendly and non-elitist. We do not tolerate attitude and look at the centre as a great place to be and train in at all times.


Main Hall

We are open 9am – 10pm all year

0044 (0) 1479 812466

Facilities Include

Bunkhouse and Climbing Shop
42 Panels of Climbing with over 120 Routes
Bottom Roping and Leading
Beginners Area
Belay Ledge and Instructional area with belay bolts
Training Area with System Board
Bachar Ladder – Fat Rope – Slack Line – Campus Board
13 m Horizontal Lead Roof
Dry Tooling Area and Tool Board
Extreme Film Zone and Viewing Balcony

System Board

Photograph of Centre and Flying Building Drawing