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I am proud to be associated with the best climbing brands in the sport. Without whom my projects would be considerably more difficult to achieve. As a person who has to work very hard to be good at what I do, I need every available second to keep on top of my training and projects. This means a lot of time, effort and money to travel. It’s easy as an outsider to add uneducated and unfounded throwaway comments like ‘its done for the sponsors’. This could not be farther from the truth!  No one, for any money on this planet, could force me out my bed at - 17 to hang upside down for the 20th hour on a route, its my drive to get better and succeed for myself that forces me onwards and upwards. I am not ashamed to receive reimbursement for feedback, development and brand enhancement. It’s a job, like any other professional job, it just so happens it’s a bloody great one. There is no doubt that a picture speaks a thousand words and I’ve been inspired by the best climbers on the best routes. I hope that I can now provide some of that inspiration. It wasn’t so long ago that the picture of Bubu on ‘Mission Impossible’ was removed from my Wall after having completed that route.

What is without question is that I need the best kit to perform at the highest levels of the sport and these brands provide it!

Red Bull
Red Bull

Red Bull Cans


Scott Muir on Reptile M10

Companies looking to market products, gain further exposure or feel that an association would be beneficial to them and do not conflict with the brands above should contact me for further discussions on 07719 309214 or by emailing me